Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Smells like Christmas

I know, I know, before everyone starts screaming "It's still only just November!" at me, I have to admit that I have a little out of control obsession with Christmas. While I think it's completely ridiculous that Selfridges start Christmas as early as September, I do get very excited almost as soon as the fireworks of Bonfire Night on the 5th of November end. Admittedly, I'm not the most organised girl in the world when it comes to most things, but when it comes to Christmas shopping I am straight of the mark and usually have all my presents, wrapping paper and cards bought by the end of November at the latest. I've even already got my advent calendar waiting for December 1st...crazy I know.

Anyway, in my typical exctited state, I passed The Body Shop while shopping down Oxford Street and just couldn't resist being drawn in to their window display of all their new Christmas goodies. I'm already a massive fan of the brand, one of my favourite products being their Body Butters (post here) and at Christmas it's no exception. Everything smells SO good. I absolutely adore the spicy, warm smell of Christmas and The Body Shop incorporates this into their products so well. There are three new limited edition scents for Christmas: Cranberry Joy, Ginger Sparkle and Vanilla Bliss. They all smell divine, but I opted for Cranberry Joy purely because I'm a fan of fruitier scents when it comes to body care. Stores have so many great deals on at this time of year, and I managed to get a set of one full size Body Butter and one full size Body Polish for £15. Amazing. I'm also a Love Your Body member and was due my free treat so I managed to pick up a little hand cream in Ginger Sparkle and a very cute little lip balm, again in Cranberry Joy. I'm thrilled with all these purchases...the Body Butter never fails to please and is beautifully moisturising as always, and the Body Polish exfoliates gently leaving my skin soft, smooth and refreshed. I wouldn't say the hand cream is anything amazing but I am enjoying the festive gingerbread smell. The lip balm is gorgeous, and while it doesn't moisturise the lips as much as some other lip balms, it does still keep them soft and protects them from the intense cold but what I love is the subtle red colour with a slight shimmer. It's a really wearable shade and is so easy to keep in my coat pocket and apply if I need to. So The Body Shop's impressed me this year! If you're looking for some indulgent body treats as a gift for know where to go!

On a side note, I loved these two videos of the construction of Selfridges' Christmas Window displays here and here. Enjoy!

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