Thursday, 15 November 2012

Instagramming #3

I've been a bit snap happy recently, so earlier than expected, here's another look at my life in photos. Find me on Instagram with elle_pearson! Hope everyone's having a lovely week :)

1. Currently obsessing over Imagine Dragons album - favourite song here, listening to it as I type! | 2. Wearing my new sparkly festive purchase to a dinner date | 3. In awe of Lauren Conrad's beauty on the cover of Allure | 4. New sparkly top from River Island (here) | 5. The Jack Wills Christmas handbook arrived....uh oh! | 6. Blue tongue fun after lots of sweets with my two brothers | 7. Space.NK to follow | 8. Amazing balloon aliens at the opening of the new gym..oh how I miss being young! | 9. Toasty toes | 10. A mini Accessorize haul....such cute panda socks! 11. Flawless gel manicure in a gorgeous autumnal shade | 12. First mince pie of the season - yum! | 13. A very yummy drink discovered at a quick M&S lunch! | 14. Max, my personal hair stylist, age 4. 15. My absolute cutie of a little brother...think I need to get myself one of those | 16. Moody pout on a long train journey 17. Breakfast stop in between train journeys! | 18. Perfume collection to date...decisions, decisions... 19. Farringdon, London by night - on the way to my uni course! 20. Delilah, one of my favourite artists at the moment  | 21. Dippy eggs & soldiers -  British fave 22. A days work of Christmas Shopping! | 23. Cosy lights in my bedroom | 24. Body Shop's Ginger Sparkle Hand here!

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