Friday, 28 September 2012

Boho ChloBo

You should probably know that I considered not writing this post because ChloBo is a brand I have bought since it started a couple of years ago and have grown to love, keeping it my little secret. I was dubious to sharing the secret to where I get all my gorgeous bracelets that I stack up my arm on a regular basis. Every day I'm asked where I get them and how lovely they are, so I thought it was only fair I stop being selfish(!) and share it so you can get your hands on some yourself!

ChloBo is a jewellery brand created by Chloe Moss after falling in love with the island of Bali when she was travelling the globe. After meeting a woman making handcrafted silver bracelets on the beach, Chloe was inspired and sourced a silversmith upon return to the UK. Since then it has all been history. ChloBo is ever expanding and is now stocked in many boutiques up and down the country as well as a few abroad, with a beautiful website where you can also order some gorgeous ChloBo treats. All the jewellery is sterling silver and semi precious stones and pearls so the prices vary but they are worth every penny in my opinion -  I've never had more compliments on any other jewellery I've worn! The idea is to 'stack 'em up' and wear a wrist full of different ChloBo designs, but the bracelets look equally as charming worn alone or just a few. With an ever growing celebrity fan base including Cheryl Cole, Coleen Rooney and Peter Andre, and features in major magazines including VOGUE, ChloBo has a bright future ahead so keep your eyes peeled for more stunning designs!

I've been lucky enough to meet the gorgeous Chloe a few times because she makes an effort to attend events at the boutiques that sell her stock and I can honestly say she's such a lovely woman. She assures me that there's much more to come from ChloBo - their latest collection being After Dark - so possibly an idea for your Christmas lists? I think so!

If you spot any bracelets in my stack that you really love, don't be afraid to ask me which one it is -  I'll be happy to send you a link to the exact bracelet!


  1. Love Chlobo! So individual and you never see anything like it anywhere else! x

  2. Love chlobo I have 8 bracelets