Monday, 5 November 2012

Make A Wish

Surprise surprise, another post on ChloBo...can you tell I'm obsessed? The brand's latest collection, Wish, was launched on Friday and during my latest visit to The Dressing Room, I was straight to the ChloBo stand to check out what the collection had to offer. As always, they didn't fail to impress. This collection takes ChloBo back to it's iconic silver roots, whilst still offering new designs such as the Wish Collection necklaces featuring discs stamped with a choice of the words Love, Wish, Peace, Angel and Believe. These discs also feature on the collection's bracelets, either a single one on the simpler bracelets or two of them along with an open heart charm and a peace charm on the Peace & Love bracelet. I picked up the Peace & Love bracelet but I have my eye on the Believe charm one! They're all as gorgeous as always, you can't expect anything less from ChloBo, and they'd make an incredible Christmas present for someone special. While I was at The Dressing Room I also picked up the Make Love Not War bracelet from the After Dark collection that I've wanted ever since I spotted it. There's something about the peace bracelets that I love, and this one incorporates both the peace sign and a lovely little quote on one bracelet as well as using fancy rice beads as a change to the normal round beads  - perfection! I love both of my bracelets and they will look great when stacked with the rest of my collection. Thanks again ChloBo!

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