Monday, 29 October 2012


This post is just a quick round up of a few things I hauled from my latest trip to the Origins counter. This is one of my go-to brands if my skin needs a deep cleanse or pick me up and I rely heavily on their face masks (post here) because they always do the trick and rescue any problems that might be making an unwanted appearance! This time I was due a repurchase of one of my favourites, the Out of Trouble mask which I won't talk about anymore, having previously raved about it in my Skin Saviours post. I also repurchased what I consider the holy-grail of quick rescue treatments to combat the unwanted breakout, the Super Spot Remover. I dab a tiny amount of this on the blemish in the evening after my cleansing routine, and by morning it has virtually disappeared, truly a miracle product I tell you!

Yet another repurchase was the VitaZing, I haven't actually used this in a long time and recently rediscovered it. This is a moisturiser with SPF with a slight sheer tint (it comes out grey, don't be does blend out nicely to suit your skin!) and I've been told by the assistants at Origins that it is suitable for all skin types, though it does state it is best intended for dehydration. I think this is why I lost my love for the product a while ago during a point where I had very oily skin, coming to the conclusion that it was because I was using this so much on my combination skin. However, the combination of the cold winter months and with my skincare routine does leave my skin a little dry and lacklustre, so I've turned to this to provide a little more moisture and act as a base for foundation; I don't need much after using this because it provides a little coverage with it's tint.

It's taken me a while to get round to writing this post so this deal isn't available anymore (sorry!) but when I visited the counter, there was some sort of 'Nature's Super Stars' offer on and I left with three sample size products in a little box. I chose the VitaZing so I could throw the little size into my bag for convenience, as well as the Mega-Bright and Checks and Balances which I'm yet to try...I often chuck these into my travel cosmetic purse because the small sizes come in handy when I'm travelling so I'll keep you posted when I get round to using them! (an excuse to book a holiday.....)

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