Sunday, 7 October 2012

Little Boots

I'm dedicating this post to my new boots. These little gems are from M&S. Yes, I said M&S. I usually completely ignore Marks & Spencers in terms of fashion, overruling it because in my mind it's for grannies. This may be because I'm often trundling along to M&S Westfield with her to find her annual cashmere cardi so I suppose I've always linked the two together...? Either way, there have been multiple times when I've asked my step-mum (see post on her here) where she's got something and she's told me it's from M&S. There is a huge one near us in St. Albans and while she was busy looking for a pair of Winter boots for herself, I spotted these and instantly fell in love. I'm not sure what it is about them that I love so much; whether it's the multiple buckles or the subtle bronze colour of the hardware, but they stood out to me and I can see them being well and truly loved to death this season. I'm definitely a boots and sandals girl, with the odd rare occasion when I stray to ballet flats and in the colder months I literally live in little ankle boots. I don't own a brown pair and I think the buckle detail on these along with the contrast stitching create a casual feel but they still look more expensive than they are. Here I've worn them with with a pair of skinnies, but I think they'd look equally as cute with a floaty tunic top and some leggings. The one thing I can definitely say is you'll be seeing a lot more of them!

You can find them on the M&S website here, and there's a black pair too (stay away from the boots, Elle...)


  1. Everytime better it´s great to be back.

  2. I love all these boots!!!

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