Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mad Hatter's Tea

This week my friend and I took a trip into central London to have a catch up coffee, having not seen each other in while. But us being us, we decided not to go for the usual Starbucks and went all out to have tea at the Sanderson Hotel. It was actually Georgia who stumbled upon this venue because they offer a Mad Hatter's Tea experience which we both thought was very exciting and jumped upon the chance to have a girly day out (followed by a trip to Selfridges...and all the other shops down Oxford & Regents street..)

I promised myself I wouldn't ramble on and on, instead leaving the photos I snapped to do the talking but I'll briefly tell you about the experience. It's basically a glorified tea for two, offering a choice of teas to drink (we both went for Rhubarb...absolutely delicious!) and a selection of sandwiches, scones and beautiful cakes. The whole idea is you take a trip to Wonderland, and every little detail has been thought of, from the menu inside a storybook to the little 'Drink Me' potions that Alice is presented with in the classic novel. We were even surprised by the musical jewellery box used for the sugar very cute. The place itself is gorgeous; the tables are outside with a very pretty garden and fountains. Of course, typical of British weather at this time of year, it was very cold, but as I said, they have thought of everything and there were plenty of outside heaters keeping us toasty and warm while we enjoyed our tea. We also opted for a cocktail each, which were just as delicious as the tea, and by the end of our time there we were full to the absolute brim having tried everything on offer, including the selection of jellies from 'Jelly Wonderland'. 

It was a great day out, the hotel is beautiful and the staff are amazingly friendly and helpful. All in all, I'd say it's definitely worth trying for the impressive atmosphere and experience, but we weren't entirely convinced on some of the experimental food combinations! I'd recommend checking it out if you're looking for a fun and unique twist on something quintessentially British!
Visit the Sanderson website for more information, prices and booking. If you do get a chance to go then enjoy and if anyone has any other interesting spots to visit in London let me know! Next on my list is Inamo...

A selection of teas to choose from including Rhubarb, Lemon Green, Earl Grey and Black tea.
Georgia deciding on her choice of tea.
Cute little touches...the riddles on the napkins, the crown on the teapot and the little milk bottle.

Carrot Meringue on a bed of pea shoots and homemade Strawberries & Cream marshmallow mushrooms
'Jelly Wonderland'

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  1. Your hair is gorgeous. Looks like the perfect pretty ladies luncheon.