Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room is a local boutique in St. Albans, and while I'm sorry this post seems directed at UK readers, they do have a fabulous website to check out here! (10% off your first order!)

Every time I'm in St. Albans I always visit The Dressing Room. Without fail. Everything from their window displays to their presentation of stock and friendly, inviting staff is amazing. The modern interior is beautiful with a big shop floor and plenty of space to peruse the gorgeous rails of hand picked brands, ranging from Current/Elliot denim to Butter by Nadia evening dresses. Their changing rooms are also just as beautifully designed, with personal stylists to hand if you require so. I can guarantee that if you visit The Dressing Room you will find it near impossible to leave without being satisfied and buying something you really love.

One of the main reasons I pop in there is to feed my ChloBo addiction (more about ChloBo in my post here) and they have such a great range of the brand there, beautifully displayed, often even having Dressing Room exclusive bracelets - one of which my mum snapped up (she is also obsessed with ChloBo...must be hereditary?!). They also have seasonal events where you get a special discount, Dressing Room exclusives, goodie bags and cocktails provided by Mokoko (which are delicious by the way) - a fantastic way to relax and see what the latest trends are.

Deryane Tadd is the owner of the award-winning boutique and if she's not out discovering new and exciting brands to stock in The Dressing Room, she is usually on the shop floor and every time I've met her she's been lovely. All her staff are also just as friendly and make sure your shopping experience is enjoyable; I often end up chatting away about the latest brands or what I love in the shop. Pop in if you're ever in Herfordshire; St. Albans is a charming little town with plenty of other great shops and restaurants on offer, as well as quaint little pubs and bars in the evening and market days twice a week. The Dressing Room is easy to spot with it's cute topiary pots either side of the stunning window displays! Keep your eyes peeled and say hello to Deryane if you see her, if the greeting and service I always get is anything to go by, I can guarantee you'll be one happy shopper!