Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Favourite: Body Shop Peach Body Butter

This skincare treat needs no introduction but for those of you who aren't familiar with The Body Shop's infamous body butters, they are award winning gorgeous rich moisturisers for the body in a range of delicious smells. The different smells have their own collection of lighter body lotions, shower gels and body scrubs. The latest collection on offer is Vineyard Peach and I assure you now, it is heavenly. Containing wild peach extract and Mediterranean peach kernel oil, I assumed it would be very Summery because of the fruity fresh scent but it is so mouth-watering that I would happily wear it all year round. I normally opt for the body lotions in the Summer as I tend to find them lighter in the warmer months, but in the Winter I prefer to indulge in the richer body butters which provide more moisture. Hurry over to the Body Shop now to take advantage of their buy more save more offer!


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